Solar Heaters

The heater is an active solar heating system for domestic hot water using solar energy.

It is widely used in countries that have a lot of sunshine, such as in the Mediterranean countries and Cyprus.

The solar water heater is the simplest and best known solar device. During operation is exploited both natural phenomena. With the beginning of the water heater is achieved water circulation naturally without mechanical components (pumps, etc.) And water heating is done by holding the greenhouse grown at collectors.

The solar water heater began to be used after the oil crisis of the '70s and especially the 80s it began to be used widely in countries with sunshine. In Cyprus a solar water heating system accounts for every five residents, while in Israel their use is mandatory in new buildings. In many other countries their use is subsidized.

In Greece, the dissemination of solar devices is very impressive: the first model was launched in 1974 and 1980 were located approximately hundred and fifty thousand square meters of collectors and in 2004 about three million square meters of collectors. Part of this success of solar water heaters in Greece due to the tax incentives had adopted the Greek state. Today, solar panels are used by more than one million consumers. Until recent years, Greece was one of the main manufacturers of solar water heaters countries.



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