Water Softeners

Water softening is the removal process of the hardness caused by calcium and magnesium salts and their rotation with sodium, which does not create deposits, nor form tartar. To achieve rotation water flows through a bed of resin which has previously regenerated and enriched with sodium chloride (common salt).

Exchange resin of Culligan is suitable for food, has high fatigue resistance, high switching capacity and low salt intake. The control kakkometrias and size of the resin bed minimizes the pressure drop and ensure reliability rates long life.

Culligan offers solutions to a wide range of applications with the care and skill required in each case. All Culligan water softeners are completely automatic and the different phases of operation (mode, reverse washing, brine suction, slow and fast wash) controlled by a timer that activates a valve or group of valves (model dependent), with the help of a valve driver. The automatic phases may also be controlled by a measuring device (optional) that triggers the regeneration phase according to the amount of water dispensed.

Available time, volumetrically, singles, twins or multiple systems, which are designed, manufactured and selected according to the requirements arising. They are characterized by simple operation and adaptability to changing characteristics of the feed water and cover the water treatment needs of small, medium and large capacity.

Water Softeners - Applications

    1) Cooling Systems
    2) Hotels
    3) Restaurants
    4) Industrial Washing Linen
    5) Car Wash
    6) Industry
    7) Low Pressure Boilers


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