About us


Our company - Idroilectriki - offers you trust


With robust experience and advanced working technique, we can take on even the most difficult work that we will be held responsible for.


The object of our work, is about plumbing as well as all kind of electric activities. Responsibly, we build installations and maintain solar systems, which also include solar heating labor. We are here to confront the problems you face with your cooling systems.


From very ancient times, man has studied and worked on hydraulics, since the making of typical myths in Greek Mythology (Labours of Hercules: Hydra, the Manure Augeias associated with rivers, etc.), but only in the last three centuries contributed greatly to the transformation of the economy of many countries especially in the West.


From our work, we have developed confidence to our customers, which is why they prefer us for all their labor needs.

Why choose us

Years of experience with our customers.
Responsibly, we put our efforts in quality of our labors, offering the best results.
We are capable of offering plumbing services, as well as solutions for electric issues.


  • Plumbing
  • Heating Installations
  • Installing solar - water heaters
  • Renovation of bathrooms and boilers



Solar Systems

Solar Heating

Air Conditioning Systems

At Idroilectriki, we take on and cover your needs regarding: heat, solar, plumbing, electrics and cooling.

  • Perdika Thesprotias
  • Agiou Athanasiou, Kruoneri, Parga (opposite Carrefour)
  • Phone 6973801948
  • Email: info@idroilectriki.gr